Schweizerisches Harmonium-Museum, LIESTAL (CH-4410)

A fantastic museum whose collection varies : Harmonium Royal (Fourneaux), Poikilorgue (Cavaille-Coll), Melophone (Gitarrenharmonium), Cecilium(Celloharmonium), Vocalion (William Hill), Orchestrelle (Aeolian), Concertal (Mustel) etc., can be visited in condition :

- those who want to visit, are organized in a group
- and they make the reservation in advance

Please understand this inconvenience because this museum is completely private.
For the further information, please contact to the owner :

Mr. Diester STADLER
Widmannstrasse 9 a
telephone (between 19:00 and 20:00 only) : +41. (0)61. 921. 64. 10.
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by Shoichiro TOYAMA Mr.
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