The Callinet Family

This family of organ builder became one of the most important firms in the first half of the 19th century in France. They have an Alsace connection : Andreas Silberman, Carl-Joseph Liepp, Joseph & Gregoire Rabini are the backbone of Francois Callinet who had sons to be famous Callinet brothers, Joseph (1795-1857) and Claude-Ignace (1803-1874). One of their cousins, Louis Callinet (1786-1846), was also a fantastic organ builder and he got the fame in Paris. He made such important organ restorations as of St-Germain-des-Pres, of Notre-Dame des Blancs Manteaux, of St-Sulpice etc.
During the work of St-Sulpice, the firm failed and he couldn't help associating with Daublaine Co. in 1838. Depression led him an alienation attack when he made tuning on the organ of St-Sulpice 11/4/1843 which caused a considerable damege to the instrument. His excuse was not accepted and he was prohibited to join in the reparation work. He terminated his career as an employee of Cavaille-Coll firm.
It is interesting to know how the competitors of Cavaille-Coll thought of the latter's organ building. There are some phrases written by Felix Danjou, the titular organist of St-Eustache church and the artistic director of the firm Daublaine-Callinet :
"In the organ that Mr. Cavaille just finished for the church of the Madeleine in Paris comes better than in the organ of St-Denis, the idea of its author to develop the power of the organ and to imitate certain instruments of the orchestra. Not satisfied with multiplying the harmonic stops, giving a quality of energetic sonority to reeds, he has furthermore quintuple the general power of the organ by means of the keyboard octave couplers...... It's not the question in the divine service to renew the miracle of the chute of Jericho's wall, or to give us an idea of the horrible trumpets which will announce the last judgement ; it's enough to set in our churchs the harmonious and majestic (at the same time) instruments and hopely without falling in the sober monotony of the German organ, one can wish not to be dizzy in church with a dreadful uproar...."

resume of the articles written by Father Philippe Bachet in "Orgues en Midi-Pyrenees"
and by Michel Jurine in "Le Grand-Orgue de Saint-Sulpice", La Flute Harmonique No. 59/60

The Cavaille-Coll Family
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