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Symphonic Organ Link :

La Route des Orgues de France :
Site maintained by French Ministry of Culture. Illustrating historical instruments in France including the Cavaille-Coll organ of St-Sernin Basilica in Toulouse.
Also showing what the organ building is. List of French Organ Builders, of Historical written Records etc. In French only.

Guilde Europeenne des Organistes :
Site maintained by European Guild of Organists and Organ Builders. Illustrating European great organs. List of organizations concerning to the organ and organ music in European countries. CD review. In French and in English.

Site maintained by the firm, Provence Organ Co. Illustrating the Isnard Organ in St-Maximum Abbey, one of their restorations, which announced the Symphonic Organ. In French and in English.

Orgue et compagnie :
(nesting in request, thank you for entering this address by yourself)
Site maintained by ABCD orgues. List of Organizations concerning to the Organ and Organ Music in Europe and in North America. Useful Link Page.

Karg-Elert Society :
Site maintained by Karg-Elert Society founded in Germany in 1984 and in England in 1987 to introduce this fantastic German composer. Useful list of the music in print available today. In English.

Association Aristide Cavaille-Coll :
5, rue Roquepine
F-75008 PARIS
Famous association for its publication "La Flute Harmonique." One of the most useful address for the study of Symphonic Organ.

Reed Organ Link :

Reed Organ Club, Japan :
Site maintained by Reed Organ Club in Japan. This club consisting of not only professional organists, restorers, historians but also music amateurs proposes a new approach to this instrument as is living with us. In English.

The Harmonium Home Page :
Site maintained by Diarmuid PIGOTT in Australia. The biggest site on this instrument amounts to 1,000 pages. Covering from history, written music, to restoration and useful address, that is, all on this invention in the last century. In English.

The Reed Organ Society, inc. :
Site maintained by American Reed Organ Society. Useful link and list of articles appeared in the Bulletin of ROS from its first issue. In English.

The Physics of the Pump Organ :
Site maintained by Ms. Kristina KNUPP. Thesis on the physical nature of Free Reed, generator of Reed Organ. In English.

Karg-Elert Society :
Karg-Elert is also one of the most important figures of harmonium music. Please consult also Symphonic Organ Link and the article K of Music Data Base.

Victorian Reed Organ and Harmonium Museum :
open to public 11:00 - 16:00, closed Friday and Saturday
Victorian Hall
Saltaire Village
Shipley, West Yorkshire
BD18 4 PS
One of the most important collections of these instruments thanks to the passion of Pamela and Phillip Fluke. Besides profound study, they mediate and repair the instruments.

Harmonium-Museum Liestal :
Site maintained by Mr. Dieter STALDER. This private museum in Liestal near to Basel in Switzerland is famous for its fantastic instruments collection of early days. Explanation with lots of photos. In German.

Louis Huivenaar :
Dutch restorer and appraiser of harmonium / reed organ who deals also in old (but restored) instruments for sale.

Useful Address for Book, Music and CD :

Ars Musicae :
49, avenue du Plessis
F-92290 CHATENAY MALABRY (RER B2 Robinson)
Tel : +33. (0)1. 46. 60. 07. 06. / Fax : +33. (0)1. 43. 50. 21. 00.
Open daily from 13:00 to 18:00 of Tuesday through Saturday.
Music Book Shop specializing in the Organ. Postal Order available.

Editions Publimuses :
101-103, rue Championnet
F-75018 PARIS
Tel : +33. (0)1. 42. 59. 37. 90. / Fax : +33. (0)1. 42. 59. 37. 98.
e-mail :
Music Editor publishing a lot of 19 Century French Organ Music based on the latest musicological study. Postal Order available to the following address :
Editions Aug. Zurfluh
13 avenue du Lycee-Lakanal
Tel : +33. (0)1. 46. 60. 50. 28. / Fax : +33. (0)1. 46. 61. 52. 30.

MDG (Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm) :
Bachstrasse 35
e-mail :

German Record Company producing a lot of fantastic CDs of organ music some of which are mentioned in Music Data Base Page as you found.


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