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This Music Data Base covers principally French organ music from 19th century. As is told however, organ music runs always after other music genre, the year of the last composition does not limit exactly the end of the 19th century. Production of "Romantic" organ music continues actually even in 1930s.

In summing up the data, I owe a lot to "Guide de La Musique d'Orgue (ISBN 2-213-02772-2)" written by Gilles CANTAGREL, Xavier DARASSE, Brigitte FRANCOIS-SAPPEY, Georges GUILLARD, Michel ROUBINET and Francois SABATIER. And with the Harmonium music of FRANCK, "L'oeuvre pour harmonium de C. FRANCK (in 2 vols., Ed. Leduc)" by
Joel Marie FAUQUET and Joris VERDIN.

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Alexandre Harmonium (c1898) of
Nakagawa Baptiste Church, Fukuoka, JAPAN
photo taken and retouched by
(C) 1996 Shoichiro TOYAMA

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